At Vine College, we understand the importance of physical health on academic progress.  We believe that children develop many life skills on the sports field and we encourage both participation and successful competition.

Our philosophy is benchmarked on international best practice aimed at developing physical health and winning attitudes. Our programme includes a range of individual and team sports including athletics, netball, soccer, chess, tennis.

The aim of Vine College is to offer a sport programme that is:

    • organized
    • structured
    • disciplined
    • competitive
    • fun


The Sport Should:

  • encourage participation
  • bring unity
  • promote team spirit
  • develop responsibility
  • encourage accountability
  • teach sportsmanship
  • create ambassadors
  • Create a healthy lifestyle

We at Vine College want to thank our sportsmen and women, parents, coaches, loyal supporters and the Vine College community for the commitment they show and for being true ambassadors for Sport.